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Time for a Change?

April 20th, 2012

How is it that most folks won’t take the time to notice how out of touch their cleaning service has become?  Many new clients that we have received in recent months have told us that they had to finally decided to change janitorial services.  Their reasons are astonishing.  We were told that thier cleaning company would only take trash and then refused to dust or vacuum.  Even when a manager of the office requested it!  We would do our little tour of the office and notice the floor around the toilets stained from never being mopped.  Also the baseboards were thickly covered with cobwebs and dust.  We are amazed that janitorial companies are still getting paid to come out and only take trash.  IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!  Call the cleaning company that will never have to be reminded to dust a desk or mop a floor.  Call Cool Springs Janitorial Servies today!  615-604-2277

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