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Beat the Heat

July 2nd, 2012

Well, this summer sure has proved to be hot and dry!  My vegetable garden is suffering greatly.  We are watering it using the creek water behind it.  This seems to have proven very positive.  Bob saved the corn in a matter of just three days by using an old water pump, a homemade filter, a generator and a few hoses.  This is called ‘thinking outside the box’.  I would have just let the acre garden die not knowing about the creek.  But this is what my husband does.  He thinks outside the box.  The reason Cool Springs Janitorial Services is a success is because Bob thinks outside the box. Over the near fourteen years we’ve been in business problems have arisen.  Whether it be weather, electricity, alarm systems, etc.  our offices were cleaned according to the set schedule.  No matter what, our clients will walk into their office the next morning with a fresh, clean place to work in.  Call us for a free quote.  And remember to see what all our clients are saying about us.  They will agree that Cool Springs Janitorial Services thinks outside the box and gets the job done – thoroughly and professionally!

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