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The lovely rain that causes such a mess!

October 2nd, 2012

It is officially fall again! So glad to have the rain after such drought problems over the last summer. However, we are noticing, as we always do, that our clients are experiencing more mud tracking from their employees and customers coming in and out of the rain. The grit and oil from the parking lots are easily blended into the carpet causing some extreme dirt and stain. This must be cleaned up as soon as possible to not be a permanent blotch on your company’s carpet. Your image as an organized, clean and caring company is important to us. It should be important to you. The great rapport you receive from the work you do is what you have earned. The appearance of your work place is as important in that status as the work you perform. Allow us to visit your workplace and give you the advice that we are capable of giving in keeping your office sparkling and sanitized!

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