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Kicking off the summer!

June 27th, 2013

Summer has been great! Love the fun, family, cookouts and time off from the office! But going back to your desk with a pile of dust on it reminds you that you have an office cleaning service that isn’t reliable enough, thorough enough, or just plain clean enough!! In fact you’re ready to change services! Stepping it up to hire a new outfit to take care of the needs in your office is ‘step 1’! Step 2 would be to give us a call! At Cool Springs Janitorial Services we take care of the issues you don’t normally even notice. Like your HVAC vents. Like the conference tables. Like baseboards. And like webs. Are you seeing webs about this time? Our clients don’t have nor know these issues. Because they’re taken care of by us at Cool Springs Janitorial Services. Let us give you a free estimate this week! 615-604-2277

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