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Needing a change?

November 21st, 2013

We have been getting many calls lately from clients around the Franklin, TN area regarding their cleaning services. It seems they have the same problem most clients have – a cleaning crew that doesn’t . . . well . . . .clean! We have been doing what we can to offer up advice on how many days they need to be ‘spruced up’ along with what kind of deep cleaning we believe they need. (i.e. carpet cleaning, blinds, windows.) After we settle on that, they hire us and are amazed that 1. we show up, 2. we actually work, and 3. we do what we are asked to do. If you have an office that is experiencing a poor cleaning crew and you’re ready to change things up, give us a call. We’ll come by and treat you well! 615-604-2277

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