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The newest realtor to Keller Williams

October 4th, 2016

Jason Hanley is an old friend but a new realtor!!! He will come to your house, see what needs fixing to ready it for sale, then he will list it. He is taking real estate by storm by adding his own unique twist. If you ever thought of selling and didn’t want the fuss of updating or repairing, look no further. No sweat needed to wipe off your brow. Let Jason Hanley take care of that for you!
Call him now at 615-573-5090
Or you can reach him at www.fixitlistit.com

Fall is upon us.

October 4th, 2016

Hello friends! The weather is cooling down. Everyone is back from vacations. And most likely back to school. It is time to stop, look around your office space and take notes. If you are noticing dust bunnies, trash getting missed, bathrooms needing attention and your desk not getting a proper dusting, it is time to consider a new cleaning service. One that is a noted reliable and longtime cleaning company that many businesses have used since 1999. That is Cool Springs Janitorial Services. We are ready and able to not only come give you a free estimate but also start showing you what its like to come into a clean fresh smelling atmosphere so you can sit down and have a refreshing day of work! Give us a call at 615-604-2277. Or email us at [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you!

New Year New . . . . Office?

January 3rd, 2014

So you say its a new year. Well, it is!!! You also say you’re tired of coming in on Monday morning to smell your trash left behind, or dust all over your desk, or the kitchen in shambles. Or how about the bathroom too stinky or unsanitary to even feel comfortable . . . for the whole day? Let Cool Springs Janitorial Services come to the rescue. Your rescue. Make this year the one to remember. The year to stop wondering if the cleaning crew showed up. The year to be pleased you chose a confident, reliable, thorough and trustworthy company. That describes us! Give us a call for a free estimate – 615-604-2277. You won’t be sorry!!

Needing a change?

November 21st, 2013

We have been getting many calls lately from clients around the Franklin, TN area regarding their cleaning services. It seems they have the same problem most clients have – a cleaning crew that doesn’t . . . well . . . .clean! We have been doing what we can to offer up advice on how many days they need to be ‘spruced up’ along with what kind of deep cleaning we believe they need. (i.e. carpet cleaning, blinds, windows.) After we settle on that, they hire us and are amazed that 1. we show up, 2. we actually work, and 3. we do what we are asked to do. If you have an office that is experiencing a poor cleaning crew and you’re ready to change things up, give us a call. We’ll come by and treat you well! 615-604-2277

Kicking off the summer!

June 27th, 2013

Summer has been great! Love the fun, family, cookouts and time off from the office! But going back to your desk with a pile of dust on it reminds you that you have an office cleaning service that isn’t reliable enough, thorough enough, or just plain clean enough!! In fact you’re ready to change services! Stepping it up to hire a new outfit to take care of the needs in your office is ‘step 1’! Step 2 would be to give us a call! At Cool Springs Janitorial Services we take care of the issues you don’t normally even notice. Like your HVAC vents. Like the conference tables. Like baseboards. And like webs. Are you seeing webs about this time? Our clients don’t have nor know these issues. Because they’re taken care of by us at Cool Springs Janitorial Services. Let us give you a free estimate this week! 615-604-2277

Considering a new office cleaning service?

March 11th, 2013

Is this rainy spring a bit much? Be happy with the fact that we are out of our drought! And then hire Cool Springs Janitorial Services to come clean your office’s carpet! Remember to hire us for your bi-annual window cleaning. We do residential and office building window cleaning. Call us at 615-604-2277 for a free estimate! We come out and give advice on what your office needs in the way of number of employees, traffic and square footage.

Rain!!!!! Carpet Cleaning due to . . . RAIN!!!

January 16th, 2013

We see this all the time with our clients. The tracking in from a wet, dirty, oily parking lot onto your carpet only to mess up your entrance. This entrance is the first thing your customers see. Those customers you want to impress. Not only the customers, but the employees. It has been proven that employees are more productive in a cleaner, more sanitized workplace. And then last, but certainly not least, you. You like the feeling of clean, right? The look of it. The smell of it. And the downright feeling of it!! We here at Cool Springs Janitorial Services monitor that for all our clients. We take care of it before you even notice the dirt! Call for a free estimate today!

Suffering the after holiday blues!

January 6th, 2013

Oh no! Remember last year (2012) when you decided to wait until 2013 to find a new, reliable great cleaning service? Well, 2013 is here. And chances are you still need a new, reliable, great cleaning service. Look no further. Cool Springs Janitorial Services is your crew! Give us a call. We will come to your office to give you free advice, along with a free quote to get your office back in tip top shape for the new year. 615-604-2277. We specialize in carpet cleaning, window washing, stripping and waxing along with nightly janitorial service to your office. Family owned and operated and ready to serve!

The lovely rain that causes such a mess!

October 2nd, 2012

It is officially fall again! So glad to have the rain after such drought problems over the last summer. However, we are noticing, as we always do, that our clients are experiencing more mud tracking from their employees and customers coming in and out of the rain. The grit and oil from the parking lots are easily blended into the carpet causing some extreme dirt and stain. This must be cleaned up as soon as possible to not be a permanent blotch on your company’s carpet. Your image as an organized, clean and caring company is important to us. It should be important to you. The great rapport you receive from the work you do is what you have earned. The appearance of your work place is as important in that status as the work you perform. Allow us to visit your workplace and give you the advice that we are capable of giving in keeping your office sparkling and sanitized!

The end of the heat!

August 13th, 2012

I’m thinking (and hoping) that we are seeing the end of our long summer heat.  Its been a great summer, but I’m sure we all could welcome a bit cooler weather.  And now that summer vacations are pretty much over with, and our children are back in school its time to look around our offices and see if there needs to be any sprucing up to be taken care of by us at Cool Springs Janitorial Services.  We have been getting calls by many new and established offices in the Brentwood and Franklin area to come take a look at their work atmosphere. It is our policy to not only give a detailed estimate for cleaning services, but also to take the time to give our expert advise on what needs to be done in order to get the office back up to a sanitized and sparkling appearance.  It is a proven fact that productivity goes up in the office when the atmosphere is clean, clear and sanitized.  Give us a call, 615-604-2277 and let us give you our FREE expert opinion!


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