Dental Office Cleaning

We clean dentist offices with the highest level of detail for the discerning dentist


Dental Chair and Desk in a Dental OfficeCleaning the office of a dentist requires special attention that only an experienced company can provide. Cross contamination is a big issue whether in a home, a local store or especially a dental office. Our trained staff takes every measure to ensure a sanitary work environment and accomplishes the task we were hired to handle.


“At Harpeth Family Dentistry we have set the highest of standards in the dentistry profession, therefore we use only the best vendors possible to maintain our lofty goals. Cool Springs Janitorial Services shares our same philosophy in providing us with a clean, sterile and healthy environment for staff and patients. I would not hesitate to recommend their professional staff and cleaning service that they provide.”

John R. Fogaros, D.D.S.
Harpeth Family Dentistry

Office Cleaning Service for Franklin and Brentwood TN – 615.604.2277
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